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Visitors to the zoo watched plastic recycling demonstrations and learnt about all the recycled products available. Which of these recycling programmes could you participate in to help the environment? Fossil fuels i The preservation of valuable natural resources that exist in limited amount from the damaging effects of human activity. Do the tasks in pairs. Now we have come to the end of the lesson. Pls: Do you speak English? Do not pour oil, fat, milk, chemicals down the sink. It was a very grand house, by far the grandest in Cherry-Tree Lane. THE OZONE LAYER dangerous cancer chemicals holes acid absorb diseases radiation There is a layer of gas called ozone. Введення нових граматичних одиниць. Вчитель збирає робочі зошити і виставляє оцінки за урок. Which group will be the first? It was such a successful event that similar events are planned for the near future. Автор Дата добавления 05. T: So, are you ready to start our lesson? Прийом 2: Знаходження в тексті речень з поданими прикметниками, читання цих речень вголос та переклад на українську мову. While-reading task Read the text and complete the sentence using the words from the box. Match the speakers to the sentences. Чи сподобалась вам подорож? The unusually large turnout was due to 'plastic recycling day'. Actions, which are simple and quick. Your homework for the next lesson is Ex. Solution of ecological problems requires the cooperation of all nations. Speaker 4 A UK based charity has found a way to use cardboard recycling to help adults with learning disabilities. Speaker 2 Last weekend thousands of people showed up at Centre City zoo. Make use of the substitutional table you can see on the posters.

P1: Чим я можу вам допомогти?

Учні слухають назви певного часу і піднімають відповідні картки. Post-reading task Fill in the table below. Use the language in the box and suggest solutions. Problems Effects Solutions to problems 1. Давайте тепер пригадаємо, що ми робили на уроці? Write the names of the pronouns. Write on both sides of paper to save trees. My name is Alice. T: Let's play with a ball. THE TROPICAL FORESTS destroy encourage flood in danger international medicine protect supply Tropical forests or rain forests are moist, densely wooded areas with an annual rainfall of 200 cm.

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Fossil fuels i The preservation of valuable natural resources that exist in limited amount from the damaging effects of human activity.

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